Last year, the Seattle Times reported that “fatal overdoses due to Heroin use has increased by 58% in the greater Seattle area. Overall there were 314 drug related deaths last year.” Kent Youth and Family Services, through our Substance Abuse ... read more

I remember my internship interview like it happened yesterday. It was the day I was supposed to choose an internship site; a place I would call “home” for the next eighteen months of my graduate training as a Marriage and Family Therapist at S... read more

I was referred to Kent Youth and Family Services for my internship by a colleague. When I arrived for an interview, I was greeted by three open and welcoming interviewers. They all made the process comfortable by using humor, disclosing personal experienc... read more

The following success story highlights the ability of KYFS’s clinical staff to engage a youth on probation who was required to enter into drug and alcohol treatment.  A 16 year old girl was referred to Kent Youth and Family Services for a substance... read more

A local family came for therapy with their 3-year old grandson, Jackson. The grandparents were experienced parents and grandparents with many wonderful skills, but none seemed to be working for Jackson. In fact, the harder they tried, the worse his behavi... read more

The holidays are a time of celebration for many families. They are also a time for love mixed with the feelings of joy, happiness, as well as time with your family, great food, and friendships. But the holidays can also be a time of enormous stress for fa... read more

The Opportunity: KYFS clients admitted into our Behavioral Health Programs are frequently very poor, lacking resources, and are facing many related issues with numerous demands placed on them. The children and youth in our care require as much attention a... read more

Christmas of 2012, Elizabeth’s mother dropped her off at our house for what would be her first, real family Christmas. Elizabeth was 12 years old. We hadn’t seen or heard from either of them in about 6 years. Little did we know then, but Elizabeth’s... read more

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