Ruby and her mom came to counseling hoping to change the conflict that had been escalating in their home recently. Like many parents of pre-teens, Ruby’s mom was reporting an increase in “attitude” and “disrespect” as they started to navigate this new developmental stage.

During intake, Ruby’s mom explained, “We can’t live this.” “I don’t want to fight with you.”

Throughout the next year, Ruby and her mom were able to develop healthy and effective communication skills to manage their conflict. “There is no more screaming in my house,” Ruby’s mom explained during our last family session together.” “I can see the change when I look back and I don’t get that feeling anymore (mom motioned her hand quickly up toward her chest as if a volcano was rising).”

The amount of unconditional love and support I witnessed between Ruby and her mother is something I wish all my clients knew.


-Kent Youth and Family Services