An Annual Report is more than a collection of statistics and success stories.

It is our way of holding ourselves accountable to our donors, funders, and community supporters. Here, in our Annual Report Archive, you can track our progress, see where we have been and where we hope to go next.


2014 Annual Report

Among the accomplishments here at KYFS in 2014 was one of crossing a milestone of legacy. In September KYFS moved into its 45th year of making a positive impact on children, youth and their families. That “impact” has grown over those years from a nucleus of volunteers joining together to provide an evening drop in safe place for troubled youth in the early 1970s, to a multi-services major provider of impact, positive change, improved academic, social, emotional/behavioral, housing family stability and much more truly proving “hope that starts here so hope doesn’t end here, and a better future for children, youth and families who found their way in 2014 to KYFS from throughout central South King County.

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