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Depression and anxiety can be a scary thing for anyone at any age. Lots of kids that walk through the doors of Kent Youth and Family Services are battling these terrifying “things.” Some of have named these things depression or anxiety. Others are just beginning their journey. Each comes with their own story. Social pressures, difficult home life, low self-esteem, or some other issue leads them to one of our counselors.

With each and every person who passes through our doors, we diligently work to first and foremost honor their courage. It isn’t an easy thing to ask for help, but to do so is a sure sign of bravery. Next, our counselors work to build a relationship with the client and, if present, their parents or guardians. Our counselors may then use a tool called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. For those dealing with depression and anxiety, they may be asked to track their thoughts and moods. As the relationship progresses, we look for outcomes like the one below provided by one of our counselors.

“About 4 months after our sessions began, my client started having suicidal thoughts. The family came together and we were all able to provide support. For the next month, I saw her twice a week. We started building more coping tools for her. We also had her track her triggers. On a depression scale with 10 being the worst, she was somewhere between 7 and 9. Undettered, we continued with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and building her skills. Now, thankfully, she reports being between 2 and 3.

I currently see her every other week and we hope to discharge her soon, but not without sharing a message to those who are dealing with the same issues. “There is hope and people who love you.” She wanted others to know there is a way out of the trap set by suicidal thoughts. “All you need to do is ask for help. It’s okay to ask for help.””

If your child is displaying signs of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or any other issue, we are here and ready to help.


-Kent Youth and Family Services