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In September KYFS moved into its 45th year of making a positive impact on children, youth and their families.   That “impact” has grown over those years from a nucleus of volunteers joining together to provide an evening drop in safe place for troubled youth in the early 1970s, to a multi-services major provider of impact, positive change, improved academic, social, emotional/behavioral, housing family stability and much more truly proving “hope that starts here so hope doesn’t end here, and a better future for children, youth and families who found their way in 2014 to KYFS from throughout central South King County.

On behalf of Kent Youth and Family Services Board of Directors President, Ken Thomas, KYFS staff and volunteers and most importantly the children, youth and families who turn to KYFS  for assistance, “thank you” to each of you who supported KYFS throughout 2014 in reaching this 45 year legacy.

KYFS continued expanding its presence in Early Childhood Education with the addition of another two classes of high quality preschool, ECEAP, through an expanding partnership with Kent School District at Sunrise Elementary School.  KYFS now provides capacity for 409 high needs preschoolers across six sites.

KYFS continued shaping its two “legacy” programs, Mental Health Therapy and Chemical Dependency Treatment into a seamless “Behavioral Health” Program aligning with the “triple aim” of the Affordable Care Act and the Washington Health Care Integration legislation.  Planning continued through 2014 for transitioning to a fully electronic health record system coming in 2015.

The After School Program continued to sharpen its focus on greatly improved academic performance in addition to social, emotional and physical development for the hundreds of at-risk children and youth who call KYFS’s After School youth centers “a home.”

Watson Manor Transitional Living Program adopted the guiding principles of ending homelessness for the young mothers and infants provided housing: homelessness will be “brief, one time, and rare.”

These high quality evidence based approaches are not possible without a solid and professional Administration (internal) infrastructure supporting the work.  KYFS’s Administration services meet that standard every day.

No doubt you are well aware of KYFS throughout the year as a result of our every expanding social media footprint through the equally high quality practices of KYFS’s Fund Development and Communications staff.

This 2014  annual report might be a look back but be assured KYFS will continue adding to its 45 legacy over the years to come in each of these much needed program areas.  The vision at KYFS is squarely on the future with its expected challenges and continuing evolving needs of the communities KYFS calls “home, South King County.


Michael Heinisch
Executive Director