I joined the KYFS board because of the positive impact the organization has on the community around it. The part of KYFS that speaks to me the most is the Behavioral Health—specifically the Substance Use Disorder Program. Currently, more than 20 million Americans ages 12 and over are affected by substance use disorder. In 2017, 38% of adults battled an illicit drug use disorder. Finally, as of 2018, nearly one in three people know someone addicted to Opioids. In my personal life, I have been surrounded by amazing people who were affected by substance use disorder and I have seen first-hand, the heart breaking affect this disorder has on people, their friends, family and community. The effect of an organization working with people affected by substance use disorder reaches so much farther than just the individual who is struggling with the disorder.

In 2022, KYFS helped over 500 youth with substance use disorder. While this number is impressive, it does not begin to describe the impact the program has had on the families and friends of the individuals. I feel that this program is not only important, but fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the Kent community and the people surrounding and caring for the community as well.


Hannah Chelimsky, KYFS Board Member