The following was prepared by an After School staff member.

As Lighthouse nears its 20th year of existence, a common theme and cycle becomes more evident. On a yearly basis, kids age in and out of our teen program. It’s fascinating to see younger kids come to Lighthouse for the first time. It is often interesting to watch them interact with the older kids and do their very best to act accordingly.

We find our greatest success in the example the older kids set for the newer ones. They pass on the rules and help them understand how the program works. They also pass on skills vital to the recreational activities that take place on a daily basis.

A great example of this transfer of knowledge is a basketball game involving some of the younger attendees and some of our more established members. We wanted the new kids to get a feel of what a competitive game felt like when playing with more skilled players.

We set up a scoreboard, chose teams and determined a substitution system. The game was set to finish when the first team reached a 100 points. 50 points would serve as halftime. During halftime, each captain was responsible for setting plays to run during the game.

It was a joy to watch the younger kids participate in something larger than they were accustomed. I was filled with pride as I watched the older kids lead by example.

From Hope, To Change

-Kent Youth and Family Services

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