The following was prepared by an After School staff member.

For this month’s submission, I would like to discuss my work with Hassan Mugaza. Hassan has difficulty staying on top of his work in school. The further he progressed in school, the more challenging keeping up became, therefore he was enrolled in special needs programming through the Kent School District.

Despite the roadblocks, he works harder than most students at the youth center to try and better himself. In my previous role as a Literacy Tutor, I was able to work with him one-on-one in an effort to improve his reading comprehension.

I am now a full time employee with KYFS and haven’t been able to give Hassan the one-on-one attention, but other volunteers and staff members have stepped into to fill my role. Hassan is still eager as ever to do homework, read a book or practice the fundamentals. His positive attitude and generous nature are humbling. He will never have what some might call a “normal” life. It will always be a challenge. It will be a great one though, because he has the attitude to do just that.

From Hope, To Change

-Kent Youth and Family Services

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