The following was submitted by Behavioral & Mental Health Program staff member.

Andrew came to Kent Youth and Family Services in the midst of a panic attack. Providing swift crisis intervention, two KYFS counselors attended to Andrew’s needs over the next few hours.

Andrew disclosed that the attack happened while using drugs. Unresolved grief due to significant losses in childhood, failing grades at school, distant relationships with family members, and addiction to pot, were some of the struggles Andrew talked about with his therapists. A few days later, counselors guided Andrew through the intake/assessment process where it was determined that he would benefit from both chemical dependency and mental health counseling services at KYFS.

After 10 months at KYFS, Andrew reports that he feels “more peaceful” and “much happier.” He has found a job, is beginning to reconnect with supportive family members, and continues to “stay clean.” Andrew also shared, “As a guy, I never thought I would say this, but it really helps to talk to someone. It has made a big difference in my life.”

With continued support of his counselors, Andrew plans on returning to school to earn his G.E.D., with the hope of attending college after that. Andrew left us with this final thought, “I have changed a lot, and I couldn’t have done it alone.”

“From hope, to change.”

-Kent Youth and Family Services

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