As 2015 came to a close, over 25 kids from Valli Kee celebrated by partaking in an evening of ice skating at a local rink. Of everyone assembled, only one kid had ever gone skating before. With parents tagging along, we set out to make this a memorable evening for everyone.

Prior to our trip, students in the fourth grade and above conducted several experiments regarding friction at the Valli Kee Youth Center. One of the most successful projects required each student to take one shoe off and place it on a slanted table. The table was then raised to increase the angle of the slope. As a result, the kids saw that some of the shoes ended up sliding down the table. Other, more rubbery shoes, managed to maintain their grip as the table angle increased.

The kids were then introduced to the concept of friction and how it affects theirs lives. In regards to our field trip, ice skating provided a fun, real life example of science in action.

-Kent Youth and Family Services