The following was prepared by a Behavioral and Mental Health Services staff member.

Sally and her mother’s relationship was difficult, to say the least. Arguments between the two seemed constant and their ability to get along seemed impossible. Adding to the challenges, Sally has a physical disability which limits the types of activities she can participate in with her friends. This can lead to frustration with herself and often boils over to her mom. To begin work on these issues, Sally started counseling about six months ago. She has been coming every other week and will soon be graduating to sessions once a month.

Sally and her mother have expressed improvement in their relationship. They work hard at spending quality time together doing arts, crafts and homework together. When frustration sets in, they both work at taking deep breaths and calming themselves. Mom has worked hard at controlling her yelling and Sally is doing her best to listen attentively.

Sally also employees techniques such as breathing, listening to music, calming herself in her room, or pausing when she gets frustrated. These techniques seem to work best when she is unable to do something with her friends. When their progress is coupled, there is no doubt their relationship is on the right track.

From Hope, To Change
-Kent Youth and Family Services

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