Earlier this year, we took a mixture of 10 students ranging from fourth grade to freshmen to volunteer at Northwest Harvest, a food warehouse in Kent focused on ensuring that no one in Washington State goes hungry. Previous field trips from Valli Kee have typically been about “fun” experiences such as going to the zoo, seeing a Mariner’s game or ice skating. This field trip, however, was completely about public service and a little fun too.

For many of them, this was their first experience volunteering. With other volunteers, the students packed over 2,000 lbs. of pasta. Altogether, the students enjoyed their volunteer work as much as any other field trip we’ve conducted. Having their first community service experience be so positive, many of these students will find joy in future volunteer work. In fact, many of the students asked to revisit Northwest Harvest. We can only hope we have set them up for a lifetime of giving back.

-Kent Youth and Family Services