Here in South King County, this topic is prevelant and we need to start the conversation. Did you know the average age that a child is expoilted is 15 years old? Did you know that over 50% of the exploited population in South King County is African American? Did you know that our Middle School Children are being groomed for trafficking?

All of these statements are true. How many did you know?

Kent Youth and Family Services and the Kent Police Department partnered together in 2017 to fund a position: CSEC Case Management.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC): Refers to a range of crimes involving the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor for financial benefit or in exchange for anything of value (including non-monetary benefits) given or received by any person.

CSEC includes situations where a minor, (whether or not at the direction of any other person) engages in sexual activity in exchange for anything of value, which includes things such as money, food, shelter, drugs, or protection from any person.

This collaborative partnership was awarded a grant though DSHS in June of 2017 to provide services to youth in Kent ages 12–25.


•Case management to youth who have been identified as at-risk/suspected of being exploited.
•Follow-up on runaway reports.
•Community trainings in schools and other agencies.
•Community engagement.


•Employment Services
•Housing (referrals and services at KYFS)
•Substance Use Disorder Referrals
•Mental Health Referrals
•Advocacy & Support

E-mail your questions to throughout the month of January and we will put together a Q&A session with Kent Police Department and Kent Youth and Family Services in January.

Tune into Kent Youth and Family Services Facebook page to learn more facts, answers to your questions and what is happening in and around Kent.

Join us on January 23rd at MOD Pizza in Kent Station for our fundraiser, we will also have a 24 hour giving campaign on our Facebook page and website.