I was referred to Kent Youth and Family Services for my internship by a colleague. When I arrived for an interview, I was greeted by three open and welcoming interviewers. They all made the process comfortable by using humor, disclosing personal experiences, and acknowledging the challenges of someone new coming into the field.

When I was hired as an intern, I was surprised at how many people came to introduce themselves, offered guidance and support. The atmosphere is work hard, play hard, doors are always open, and suggestions welcome. This comfortable approach has helped me through challenging times; validating the experience in a way that works with my personality.

I can’t say enough about my supervisor; bottom line is that she is “real.” From acknowledging, listening, and empathizing through the triggers and even happy moments, she provides an open approach to supervision. I feel as if I can talk to her about anything. I look forward to the rest of my internship; knowing there is someone that “has my back.”