I remember my internship interview like it happened yesterday. It was the day I was supposed to choose an internship site; a place I would call “home” for the next eighteen months of my graduate training as a Marriage and Family Therapist at Seattle Pacific University.

Even though there were several different agencies and private practices represented, one agency stood out from the rest. It was Kent Youth and Family Services and their representative, Clinical Supervisor, Susy Lenhardt. Susy was easy going and friendly. She had an enthusiasm and compassion with which she spoke about KYFS and the services they provided. For me, her attitude was contagious. I could not wait to learn more, interview with the agency, and hopefully get hired as an intern.

Before I knew it, my hope came true and I joined an outstanding team of very skilled therapists and enthusiastic interns who became a huge inspiration on my journey to becoming a therapist. KYFS proved to be a very diverse agency that allowed me to gain valuable experience by working with clients ranging from six to eighteen years of age and their families; many of whom came from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

As an intern and with the guidance from a collaborative and supportive team, I am encouraged about finding my own voice as a future licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.