The following was submitted by an After School staff member.

During homework time, there are a group of students who show up regularly to do their work. One of those students is Zahara. At the time, she was struggling with her multiplication and division skills. She has also had some issues with word problems involving these concepts.

Her dutiful attendance has led to a vast amount of improvement. During our first week, I needed to show her step by step
instructions throughout each and every assignment. Slowly, her confidence grew and we even began to work on extra examples on the side. With every solution, her spirits lifted.

Before she knew it, she was well versed in breaking each story up into what she knew about the problem and what she was trying to solve. Before I knew it, I was able to turn my attention to other students. Zahara didn’t need me anymore; which was the ultimate goal of this tutor.

I am so proud of Zahara and her progress and can’t wait to see where her confidence and love of math takes her next.

From Hope, To Change

-Kent Youth and Family Services

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