As with any of our life stories, this one is still in progress…

Enrolled in our early learning program this school year, were two sisters. They are daughters of a single mom who has recently migrated from Mexico.

Mom was pregnant with her fourth child and expecting before winter break. The mother and her three daughters had fled a domestic violence situation in Mexico and sought the refuge of her aunt who lived in Kent. Luckily, the aunt spoke some English and was able to advocate on behalf of the family.

The family was enrolled into a class where no transportation was offered. The girls had excellent attendance. Their only absences came when mom had medical appointments to attend. When their aunt wasn’t able to provide transportation, mom walked the three daughters to school; a round-trip of two and a half miles.

Mom received the services of EHS who was able to provide a stroller for the toddler and newborn baby. Mom still walked them all to school almost daily.

While the family was enrolled in the program, Mom applied for refugee status, learned English, navigated her own medical needs, gave birth to her fourth baby girl, and battled a post-partum blood disorder. She also found her own apartment by following up with resources provided by Family Support Services. Thanks to their help, she was able to procure funds to cover the cost of the deposit and first month’s rent. She applied through DSHS and TANF for food stamps. With all this assistance, mom is proud to now live independently and thankful for the gracious support provided by her aunt.

The family now lives in the Federal Way area. In order to get the girls to school every day, she has been riding the bus to Kent and back again on an ORCA she applied for herself.

She now speaks English and is able to so without an interpreter. In the last two or three months, including the transition conference with Family Support Services, mom has been communicating without bilingual support.

Although mom is still waiting on legal residency, she attends all the legal appointments and is confident in the outcome…


-Kent Youth and Family Services