Gifts of $5, $10, $15 or $20 may seem small. They may seem like they can’t accomplish much. But take a look at the images above. When small gifts from many donors are pulled together, a great deal can be done. That’s what we like to call collective impact.

We here at KYFS offer a monthly giving program that is convenient and can be tailored to the service area of your desire.  We also don’t want you to sign up and forget about the donation. Rather, we want you to see the impact of your work. By making a $13 donation every month, you can provide weekly homework help and recreational activities to a kid in our After School program. By giving $26 every month, you will provide a week’s worth of well-researched mental health and substance counseling to a kid, teenager, and/or family who needs a little help. Plus, we won’t let you forget about your gift. When you sign-up, we will mail you a quarterly newsletter, 8 emailed newsletters, invites to events, and much more.

In a world where everything is being built to be more convenient, we are following along. Our sincere hope is that you’ll join us by making small gifts with a big impact. 


-Kent Youth and Family Services