Kent Youth and Family Services is a dually licensed to provide both mental health and substance abuse treatment outpatient services. We also have the capability to serve youth and young adults who have both substance abuse/dependency and mental health disorders.

Our Co-Occurring programs provide both mental health and substance-abuse treatment service simultaneously; providing a dually certified co-occurring specialists as the primary counselor for both disorders, or providing a parallel service model, assigning both a substance abuse treatment counselor and mental health counselor to work with the youth collaboratively.

In either model used, the youth receives both mental health and substance abuse counseling services to treat all their issues comprehensively and concurrently, to ensure a successful outcome.

The services provided include an in-depth, integrated mental health and substance abuse assessment, comprehensive individualized treatment plan addressing both mental health and substance abuse issues based on the unique needs of the youth. The counselor(s) involved are identified as the “care coordinator” of services. This includes the coordination of any additional care required such as psychiatric services, crisis management, further education, occupational training, etc.

Comprehensive co-occurring services may include a range of clinical services such as education, group, individual, and family counseling in addition to psychiatric services and/or medication management as needed.

These services work together comprehensively to assist youth in obtaining and maintaining recovery for both mental health and substance abuse disorders, using the recovery model of care.


-Kent Youth and Family Services