The following was prepared by a Behavioral & Mental Health Services staff member.

I recently had a family come to KYFS after being referred to us by the court. They were referred, because of multiple placements and concern for the trauma and losses experienced by the two very young children. After being with their current family for one month, they came to see a therapist.

The oldest child was experiencing very extreme tantrums with aggressive behaviors. Both children were hoarding food and having trouble going to bed. Although the foster parent is an experienced parent with great skills and patience, she was concerned about how to use her skills in a helpful manner for the younger siblings.

After working on body calming techniques and building on the caregiver’s skills, the caregiver reports being able to read the oldest child’s cues more effectively. This has resulted in her being able to help the child practice techniques for calming her body and in less tantrums. Both children are also learning to trust that food and safety will be provided to them and are holding on to food less often.

From Hope, To Change,

-Kent Youth and Family Services