On the Early Learning Program:

Educating youth has been my top priority in my life.  My passion and experiences have led me to understand the importance of community organizations that support children and families. Kent Youth and Family Services is dedicated to this mission by providing programming that has lifelong impacts.  These services provide critical aid for families in need, including populations facing education and health disparities, like low income families, immigrant families, and families of color. Children living with social barriers often struggle transitioning into formal schooling and frequently fall behind. Families fortunate enough to have programming available to them can overcome many of the disadvantages and obtain the tools needed to succeed.

Children accessing the KYFS early learning program meet or exceed the expectations for kindergarten readiness at rate of 94% which is significantly higher than the community norm.  School readiness has been shown to save schools and communities substantial money by reducing the need for additional programming for unfinished learning, behavior issues, substance use, and other common issues associated with students that have academic struggles in school.  But this stat is most impressive because the long-term benefits for the child and family are proven fundamental elements for breaking any barrier that stand the way of future success.


Brian Smith, KYFS Board Member