One of the things I love most about my job as the marketing manager at Kent Station is how much our ownership cares about being involved in the community. I am honored to serve on the board for KYFS because of what an important part of the community the agency is. KYFS provides different kinds of services, meaning we have a far reach in Kent. I love being able to use my connections to support KYFS by hosting events like the annual Ladies Night Out in June, securing sponsorships not only from Kent Station but also from other community members/businesses, procuring donations for the annual event and so on. Having my work AND board involvement make a difference in the community is extremely fulfilling.

If I had to pick one program that I feel is closest to my heart, I’d say the counseling services we provide. I’ve personally been to counseling a few times during my life and found it immensely beneficial. One of my young adult son’s best friends was having serious issues with his family and with depression. He didn’t have a full-time job or health insurance and felt overwhelmed with life. I was able to get him connected with counseling at KYFS and he was shocked that he wouldn’t have to pay for it and that KYFS staff would help get him set up with Medicaid. My family didn’t know how to help him more than we already were, so knowing that he was able to get counseling brought us peace and really made KYFS personal for me.

Cynthia Boyd, KYFS Board Member