I joined the KYFS Board of Directors in 2009 to learn more about what services are in the community that I live and work in. As a nurse I see the highs and lows in patient’s lives and love to hear success stories or how people overcome problems or tackle adversity. I originally joined the board as I’m very passionate about the mission, vision, and values. I was interested in the Watson Manor program which provided housing to women 16-24 that had children and would otherwise be on the streets. I grew up with a mom that had me at 17 and my brother at 19, we had very limited resources and at times would go without food or a place to sleep at night. Where I grew up there were no programs with services like what KYFS offers to the community.

I’ve heard and seen so many success stories from the work that KYFS does in the community: supporting young toddlers learning how to interact, communicate, and be social in the Headstart/ECEAP program; providing tutoring, a safe place to hang out, healthy snacks, and peer support in the afterschool program; supporting the mental health of developing children and young adults to be successful members in society; and helping young people that are struggling with addiction find interventions supportive of each individual’s goals in the substance use disorder program. KYFS is truly a place of support and is needed in the Kent community to help people thrive.

Brandy Reed, KYFS Board Member