Lighthouse provides educational, recreational and social support services that enhance skills, values and self-esteem among youth.


Our Outreach Program provides a variety of social services, recreational and educational programs for youth and their families living in three King County Housing Authority sites on the East Hill of Kent: Birch Creek Apartments, Valli Kee Homes, and Cascade Apartments.



After School on the KYFS Impact Blog

Reading Medal

Last month, I had a chance to work with one of our kindergarten students for the first time. Ibrahim comes to the community center on a regular basis, but like many of our younger participants, he just wants to play. However, one day he came in and was ve

Paying It Forward

Over the last few months, one of our former high school students who has since graduated and started college, has been coming to our After School program more often. He attends our homework help period almost every day. He has also been working very hard

Practice Makes Perfect

  This month, I have been diligently working with one of our younger students. Omar is a first grader who struggles in a lot of learning areas, but perhaps none more than reading and comprehension. At the beginning of the month, Omar started reading

I Work for KYFS: Johawna Whitlock

  I work for KYFS, because I believe our mission and purpose is relevant. What we do is life changing and it is more than rewarding. Being able to see all of your hard work pay off through the success or appreciation of one family or child, is an opp

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