The Watson Manor Transitional Living Program provides up to 18 months of transitional housing and support services to single, homeless, extremely low-income teenage and young adult mothers and their children.

The target age range is 16 to 25 at the time of program entry. Each young mother is parenting one to two children or at least six months pregnant. Program participants each receive a furnished apartment in Watson Manor, a small apartment building.  Services include case management, parent education, life skills training, counseling, substance abuse services, and referral to childcare and educational/vocational programs. The overall program goal is to increase self-sufficiency among homeless young mothers and equip them with the skills necessary to obtain and retain permanent housing.

Watson Manor receives government funding as well as support from local service clubs, businesses, and individual donors. The program also receives assistance from numerous volunteers.

Watson Manor Transitional Living Program Location is Confidential.