outreach after school program

This year, Outreach After School Program provided school age youth and adults a safe place to be after school that was filled with caring adults and engaging activities.

In the future, the youth and families that Outreach serves will be college students, parents, elected officials, philanthropists, business owners and professionals. This community will be filled with men and women, who will love their community and give back to their community what their community gave to them. They are the next generation of this city; they are the future of the communities that make up King County. More than just another after school program, KYFS Outreach Program prides itself on connecting with its citizens emotionally, making a true difference in the lives of children and families within Kent. 

For children in many South King county communities, 2:20 p.m. is not just the end of school; it’s the beginning of a crucial time in their lives, a time when critical decisions impacting their futures will be decided. Will they earn good or bad grades? Will they become graduates or join the increasingly high number of dropouts in our country? Will they become members of a productive society or a gang? Will they have the confidence to know they can succeed in life or the insecurity that their dreams are unattainable?

KYFS Outreach program has continually provided youth and families for over 21 years with an opportunity to continue to grow, learn and evolve into successful members of society. Each day our participants are guided by real experiences and meaningful interactions. Outreach has always embraced the opportunity to provide our community with high quality enrichment activities each day after school.

For the past couple of years Outreach has noticed an alarming trend concerning our youth population. In the communities we serve, only a fraction of our youth are meeting state and federal academic standards. Many factors are to blame for this alarming trend, such as lack of parental support, resources, and poverty. Because of this. Outreach has increased its efforts to supplement the educational efforts of the school district and families.

We have always provided educational enriching activities like homework help, tutoring, computer skills workshops, career building workshops, and workshops on higher education. But recently we have improved these programs and added more for the betterment of our youth and families.

Thanks to our collaborations with KCHA, KSD, BBF, Raikes Foundation, we have been able to provide a number of different programmatic resources that include:

  • Parent education workshops that help with increasing their children’s educational development levels.
  • Local parent teacher meetings for those parents with transportation problems.
  • Increased homework help and tutoring efforts to include SES programming for area low income residents within schools that have low state MSP scores.
  • Provided more pre-school and kindergarten age academic enrichment during after school homework time and summer time.
  • Increased quality staff which included the hiring of an educational coordinator to coordinate our academic efforts and ensure successful development for youth and communities.
  • Provide ESL (English as a second Language), and GED preparation classes.
  • With the help of Girl Scouts of America, and Green River Community College our higher education efforts equipped college-bound students with the skills to explore their college options and to successfully navigate the college application process. Participants were given opportunities to visit colleges and universities, learn to evaluate colleges to find the best fit for their needs, and understand the various parts of the application process. These workshops were also complemented by programs on Writing a College Essay, The College Visit and Interview and SAT Tips and Preparation.

Outreach programs offer direction towards healthy and rewarding lifestyles by encouraging literacy, education, community work, health and fitness, and resistance to drugs and violence.  We also provide our participants with a variety of team building, social, and recreational activities that include the following:

  • Life Skills classes: bullying, community service, diversity, leadership, anger management, youth violence prevention, cyber bullying, self-Image and self-improvement
  • Nutrition and Cooking workshops
  • Annual Community Talent Show/Holiday Party Over 300 residents enjoyed a talent show, fun and food
  • Recreation Soccer, basketball, pool, ping-pong, tag, relay races, kickball, and wall ball keep youth smiling and sweating. We provide fitness, entertainment, peer socializing, interaction with positive adult role models, and teamwork.
    • 3rd-4th grade flag football team
    • 6th-7th youth basketball team
    • Thanks to the generosity of the annual Showare Shootout our youth were given three free entries into their 3-on-3 tournament
  • Backpack Giveaway Outreach put together a backpack giveaway and carnival to celebrate the start of the school year. With the help of a local church and KCHA we were able to giveaway 125 backpacks that were loaded with school supplies. People who attended the event where able to participate in various fun activities that where set up in the field behind the Birch Creek Youth Center. The whole community was able to participate and have fun in the carnival. Over 200 people participated in the backpack giveaway event.
  • Our partnership with Thrive Program and WEX program (both welfare to work programs) have given temporary employment and permanent job skills to over 10 people and given employment to two outstanding candidates in this program. The WorkFirst Program is Washington State’s welfare-to-work strategy. It is based on the belief that everyone has abilities needed in today’s workforce, with work as the foundational building block in assisting families to get off welfare.
  • Outreach was proud to house the Kent School Districts Bridging the Gap program (now a component of the larger Student Technology Access and Resources (STAR) program). Every year, Kent School District students share in an incredible, multi-faceted project called Bridging the Gap. While learning about computer hardware repair and software maintenance, they refurbish old computers that no longer meet our school network standard, and grant them to students' families in our district who do not own a home computer. This year KSD distributed over 400 computers from our youth centers, and trained over 100 participants how to use them.