The Fund Development and Community Relations Department of Kent Youth & Family Services works everyday to ensure the name of the agency is held in the highest regard, and individual departments have the necessary funding to create measurable, impactful change.

MESSAGE FROM fund development & community relations

The sentence in orange to the left is the vision statement for the Fund Development department of KYFS. It sounds pretty. It motivates me to do this work. It allows people to see what we are trying to accomplish here. Behind the statement, though, there is an overarching theme and that is relationships. Pure and simple, fund development is about building relationships. Through these relationships, we are able to advance our mission. We are also provided the opportunity to build partnerships with supporters and constituents. Through these relationships, we are able to work toward a better future. Our supporters allow us to say, “Hope Begins Here,” to 8,000 clients, students, residents, youth and parents on an annual basis.

In 2011, we set out to reaffirm our commitment to the relationship with those beyond our walls. After more than five years, the fund development department was brought back in house. I was tasked with building KYFS’s online social presence, growing our event offerings, building our donor database and, of course, to raise money. Again, behind each and every one of these efforts was the notion of creating and strengthening relationships. As we look back at everything we accomplished in my first year here, I hope we did just that.

These newly formed relationships have left me in awe. I would put our supporters up against any in the county. The gifts we receive may not be the biggest. Our online social engagement may not spread across the ether as quickly as some agencies. The events we host may not have people packed into rooms like sardines. But with every gift, every affirming email, every word of kindness, every client who offers thanks, leaves me knowing what you do give comes from a place of genuine love, support and passion to improve the lives of your fellow man.

Yes my friends, I am in awe of you. The relationship we have with you is pretty special. We are lucky to count you as one of our own. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together.

Nathan H. Box
Fund Developer and Community Relations Manager