Our communities continue to face unprecedented challenges

including an acute youth mental health crisis. The services we provide help South King County youth and families meet their needs and reach their goals for a better future, employing both preventative and responsive strategies to well-being.

These services include:

  • individual, school-based, and family counseling
  • substance use disorder treatment
  • support groups
  • early childhood education
  • youth and family support services
  • youth development programming

This year’s event goal is $135,000

Join KYFS as an event sponsor to ensure programs reach those that need them most.

In addition to the invaluable impact your sponsorship will have on our community, your involvement will reach:

  • Over 5,000 followers on our combined social media accounts
  • Estimated 300+ annual event attendees

The 2023 One Thing Experience theme is 1970!

Join us in support of KYFS programs and clients, as we celebrate families growing and thriving in South King County since 1970!

Event Details

Saturday, October 7, 2023, 6PM
Renton Pavilion
Individual Tickets Sales begin July 15, 2023