The Substance Abuse Program provides assessments, early intervention groups, treatment groups, referral services, family support, parent coaching and aftercare to meet the needs of youth and families living in and around Kent. We serve ages 11-20 years old and their families. 

Treatment Philosophy
The Substance Abuse Treatment Programs all work from an abstinence based philosophy. We believe it is an essential part of all Substance Abuse Treatment to have the youth demonstrate the ability to abstain for a period of at least 10 weeks from alcohol and other drugs. However, treatment is not complete by a youth only demonstrating this ability. They are also required to make changes in their life, typically in areas that have been negatively impacted by their substance use. This includes: improving relationships, improving academic performance, not engaging in any illegal activity and building a peer group that is supportive of abstinence and pro-social behaviors.

Prevention and Treatment Services Offered

Group Counseling Services

KYFS offers Outpatient, intensive outpatient, and a number of other groups. All groups are based on curriculum that give the youth knowledge, skills, understanding and structure to help them abstain from substance use. In order to complete the group, all youth must demonstrate the ability to abstain from substance abuse for 10 consecutive weeks and achieve goals that are mutually agreed upon with their counselor. These goals typically relate to academics, communication, healthy living, etc. The intensity (number of group hours per week) is based on the needs of your child and how much support they need in order to be successful on an outpatient basis. Youth with less risk factors and more protective factors are recommended to a lower intensity treatment. While youth with higher risk factors and lower protective factors are referred to a higher intensity treatment. In addition to different levels of intensity, there are also a number of different Substance Abuse Counseling Groups.


KYFS provides Substance Abuse assessments, treatment recommendations, and referrals for all youth ages 13-22 regardless of income.

Drug Court Program 

KYFS works closely with the King County Juvenile Drug Court Program to collaborate on treatment referral and placements as well as establishing appropriate goals that meet the client’s treatment needs and support the client’s success in meeting the expectations of the court.

Diversion Program 

The King County Prosecutor’s Office may give youth that arrested for a marijuana, paraphernalia, or an alcohol offense, with an opportunity to attend a diversion hearing at Kent Youth and Family Services rather than go to court and be seen by a judge. The diversion hearing provides youth with the opportunity to learn from their arrest and avoid having their offense places on their criminal record. The youth and his/her family are also educated about the law and the negative effects of using substances. Each youth that participates in diversion is referred to services that will help the youth address substance use and/or other co-occurring issues.

Recovery School at Kent Phoenix Academy

R.O.A.D.S. Program (Recovery, Opportunity, Achievement, Desire, Success) offers the first public Substance Abuse Disorder Recovery School in the state of Washington. It features a supportive environment for students grades 9-12 recovering from substance abuse. For more information, visit: Recovery School

Individual Counseling Services

Often we include counseling as part of treatment, because it gives the youth and their counselor an opportunity to works on issues impacting their lives that would not be appropriate to address in a group setting. This work looks at the more unique risk factors a youth presents with, such as a history of abuse, sexual identity issues, mental health issues, etc.

Family Counseling 

Since chemical dependency affects the entire family, we believe it is essential that families participate in their child’s treatment program. Often this comes in the form of attending the parent support group, but sometimes also involves family counseling. During family counseling, we address the impact of substance abuse use on the family, communication styles and patters, conflict management and problem solving skills. All these sessions are designed to increase the functional level of the family that has been impacted by chemical dependency.

Back on Track

Back on Track is an early intervention/prevention group. During the course of this group youth work on “getting back on track.” This means different things for different youth, but typically revolves around improving academic performance, looking at their involvement in illegal activities and the thinking errors, peer influence, etc. that contribute to their illegal behaviors. They also learn and practice skills related to communication, problem solving, conflict management and substance use.

Youth Oriented Alcohol/Drug Information School 

This educational class is eight hours and focuses on the psychological, sociological, physiological, and legal consequences of alcohol and drug use. The intent of the ADIS class is to promote healthy decision making, promote public safety, and reduce irresponsible practices caused by alcohol and drugs. This class meets Washington State DOL, DBHR, and mandated ADIS requirements. Cost associated with the program is $90. A sliding fee is available.

Process for Entering Services
To begin services, please contact us at 253-859-0300. We will work with you to set an assessment appointment, which is the first step in the process.

KYFS provides a standardized comprehensive substance abuse assesmment to each youth before they enter treatment. KYFS counselors administer the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN), a biopsychosocial assessment tool. This clinical tool effectively identifies the youth's individual concerns and assists with determining the appropriate level of care. To cover the cost of the assessment, KYFS accepts Medicaid (Provider One) and most private insurances. For those without insurance, a sliding scale is utilized or funding may be available through the Division of Behavioral Health, depending on income.

Completion of Treatment
All treatment is individually tailored to the needs of the youth we are serving. Therefore, there is no set duration for treatment. Youth complete treatment when they have demonstrated the ability to abstain from alcohol and other drugs for at least 10 consecutive weeks while also making positive changes in their life. We do not consider abstinence to be the sole marker for successful completion because if the young person does not make other changes in their life then the likelihood for a return to use greatly increases.

KYFS offers a variety of payment options for treatment. For substance abuse and co-occurring treatment we accept Medicaid (Provider One), private insurances and sliding scale. For those without insurance, the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery provides funding depending upon your income.  When you call to set up an appointment we can discuss your options with you.

Meeting Location

Kent Youth and Family Services
232 Second Avenue S. Suite 201
Kent, WA 98032


Maple Valley Office

Kent Youth and Family Services
22010 SE 248th St.
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