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Welcome to the KYFS Impact Blog! This is your one stop shop for KYFS success stories, updates, issues we’re wrestling with, and yes, even a few things sending us back to the drawing board.

It is our solemn hope that this blog will make us more transparent. We want to show you your donations at work through powerful stories about the youth and families we serve, but we also want to be honest about the things we try that don’t work. So, read on and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment sections.

Impact Blog


Staff Member Highlight

Last fall, Ibrahim received Service Award recognition for working 3 years at Kent Youth and Family Services. Below are a few thoughts that came to his mind after winning the award. My experience working for Kent Youth and Family Services has been amazing.


The Inspiration Campaign

The Opportunity: KYFS clients admitted into our Behavioral Health Programs are frequently very poor, lacking resources, and are facing many related issues with numerous demands placed on them. The children and youth in our care require as much attention a


Youth Basketball for All

Background Our AAU basketball teams are a thriving youth program when adequately funded. Our teams keep at-risk youth involved and focused on two goals: playing team basketball and getting much needed academic support for school. Who Is Served Our After S


Elizabeth, Our Granddaughter

Christmas of 2012, Elizabeth’s mother dropped her off at our house for what would be her first, real family Christmas. Elizabeth was 12 years old. We hadn’t seen or heard from either of them in about 6 years. Little did we know then, but Elizabeth’s


Your Child Is Watching

Last fall, I had a family in my class. The child was a three year old girl on an IEP. She was quiet and often did not want to come to school. Mom continued to bring her every day, despite her screaming and crying. After a few weeks, the child came to scho


Be BIG on 5/5/15

We can Be BIG. Dear KYFS Supporter, We can be giants for youth and families in South King County. We can rally together and show them our support. By supporting Kent Youth and Family Services during the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event, you will take

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