As 2015 came to a close, over 25 kids from Valli Kee celebrated by partaking in an evening of ice skating at a local rink. Of everyone assembled, only one kid had ever gone skating before. With parents tagging along, we set out to make this a memorable ev... read more

Reaching 8,000 South King County youth and families on an annual basis, isn’t something we do by ourselves. It takes a community of supporters, donors, advocates, and, of course, volunteers. Every year, hundreds and hundreds of volunteers from all o... read more

The following success story highlights the ability of KYFS’s clinical staff to engage a youth on probation who was required to enter into drug and alcohol treatment.  A 16 year old girl was referred to Kent Youth and Family Services for a substance... read more

A local family came for therapy with their 3-year old grandson, Jackson. The grandparents were experienced parents and grandparents with many wonderful skills, but none seemed to be working for Jackson. In fact, the harder they tried, the worse his behavi... read more

Welcome to the KYFS Family! We here at Kent Youth and Family Services are proud to have you as an ambassador. You are one of many dedicated individuals who are willing to speak and help fundraise on behalf of KYFS to groups throughout Kent, South King Cou... read more

The holidays are a time of celebration for many families. They are also a time for love mixed with the feelings of joy, happiness, as well as time with your family, great food, and friendships. But the holidays can also be a time of enormous stress for fa... read more

When you stand with the youth and families of South King County, stories like this happen: Christmas of 2012, Elizabeth’s mother dropped her off at our house for what would be her first, real family Christmas. Elizabeth was 12 years old. We hadn’t see... read more

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